VBA - Creating PowerPoint Presentation

Most often we will come across a scenario where powerpoint slides need to be created automatically.

Here is a sample & simple code to do that. This code is created using VBA (Excel 2000)

Sub Create_PowerPoint_Slides()

On Error GoTo Err_PPT

Dim oPA As PowerPoint.Application
Dim oPP As PowerPoint.Presentation
Dim oPS As PowerPoint.Slide
Dim oShape As PowerPoint.Shape
Dim sPath As String
Dim sFile As String
Dim i1 As Integer

sPath = "C:\"
sFile = "MyfileName"

Set oPA = New PowerPoint.Application
oPA.Visible = msoTrue

Set oPP = oPA.Presentations.Add(msoTrue)

For i1 = 1 To 10
oPP.Slides.Add 1, ppLayoutBlank
Next i1

Set oPS = oPP.Slides(1)
Set oShape = oPS.Shapes.AddTextbox(msoTextOrientationHorizontal, 140#, 246#, 400#, 36#)
oShape.TextFrame.WordWrap = msoTrue

oShape.TextFrame.TextRange.Text = "Comments For File : " & sFile
With oShape
.Fill.Visible = msoTrue
.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = RGB(204, 255, 255)
.Line.Weight = 3#
.Line.Visible = msoTrue
.Line.ForeColor.SchemeColor = ppForeground
.Line.BackColor.RGB = RGB(255, 255, 255)
End With

oPP.SaveAs sPath & sFile & ".ppt"

If Not oPS Is Nothing Then Set oPS = Nothing
If Not oPP Is Nothing Then Set oPP = Nothing
If Not oPA Is Nothing Then Set oPA = Nothing

If Err <> 0 Then
MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Next
End If

End Sub

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